Matt Freeman

Matt Freeman (he/him) is honored and humbled to join the Board of the Arts Project of Cherry Grove.

Matt, born and raised on Long Island, first came out to Cherry Grove in 2012 to meet-up with his then-boyfriend, now-husband, Adam Rosen. The night before was Liza and Alan at The Ice Palace. Adam did not invite Matt.

Regardless of this unforgivable slight, Matt felt immediately at home in Cherry Grove and with Adam. After a decade of week-long rentals, Matt and Adam became homeowners with the purchase of Ethel’s Mermen, a house name that nods to their inner show queens and the theme of their wedding, “Call Us Matdam” (itself a nod to the 1950 Ethel Merman vehicle, “Call Me Madam”).

As a career Arts Administrator and Educator (, Matt is thrilled to help preserve the legacy and nurture the future of our beautiful beach town.

Matt Freeman
Recording Secretary