Jo Ann Orfanos

JoAnn Orfanos

My love for music and theater go back to childhood.  I was blessed to grow up in a musical household where we all played an instrument, or two.  When I was in 1st grade my brother volunteered me for a part in his 5th grade play.  I remember having to audition for Mrs. Pruyn, and I nailed it.  I was cast as a rat in the Pied Piper and I was hooked. (Well drowned really, but that’s a spoiler alert.) I remained involved in music and theater, eventually studying Theater Arts at Adelphi University. To be able to serve on the APCG board seems a natural fit for me.  While my main focus is the management of memberships and ticketing, I can also be found running the light board and on the rare occasion on stage.  Being a part of the APCG board has given me the chance to play an active role within the Cherry Grove Community, in its historic theater and the great satisfaction of service and belonging. 

Jo Ann Orfanos

APCG Member since 2013

Board Member since 2015

Retired, Leviton Mfg. Senior Manager, Pricing & Policy